We are currently working on the EABA website. EABA is the East Allegheny Business Association comprised of 50+ local businesses. They have requested a dynamic website with an event calendar, message board and member-only login area.

UPDATE:  The EABA website is complete.  EABA hopes continue adding more valuable content to their website to benefit EABA members and their surrounding communities.


EABA Website

Following is a series of designs given to the client. The client requested that a hand drawn heart image be incorporated into the design.  The client’s final selection is shown below:



Elise and Jesse are planning a country-themed wedding.  The couple’s photographer friend took some great outdoor photos that inspired the mock-ups below. Best wishes Elise and Jesse!

The couple’s final choice was a daisy design. The final design choice and matching RSVP card are shown below:

Sisters Pittsburgh Catholic Ad

Check out the latest Creative Goodes video production conceived for Ham It Up Photo Booth. The video concept and storyboard were created to help explain and show how the photo booth operates and what is included with rental packages. A YouTube channel was created for Ham It Up and annotations and and multiple links posted on blogs, Pinterest and Facebook to help drive traffic and promote the Ham It Up website.

This video was produced and edited using Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Sound Effects Pro. Opening animation and titles were created using Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion. Special thanks to Ham It Up spokesmodels, Brienne & Justin, the gorgeous bride and handsome groom shown in the video and to artist Amy McCabe for still photos of her fabulous scrapbook pages. Enjoy!